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For skilled and experienced professionals
Skilled Migration Visa
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For skilled and experienced professionals


RPL International is a well-established company founded by highly motivated, committed, and qualified team of Bhutanese living in Australia. The company caters its services in 180 Australian national accredited qualifications, and we are out-reaching our services to only fellow Bhutanese – Exclusively for Bhutan.

The reason for choosing specifically Bhutan is very simple – to render support and to help our friends from Bhutan coming to Australia in terms of getting right kind of work based on their skills, experiences, and knowledge.

Based on the findings and small research that our team did, it was found to be a saddening story that many Bhutanese friends have struggled in Aussieland and many have expressed their challenges that they have faced in the past. The very reason being that many have not gotten adequate information in finding right kind of jobs, and not been able to get in touch with right contacts after reaching at their destination.

We at RPL International, we are fully prepared to venture into such events in solving problems with better solution and ready to help our fellow Bhutanese in every possible way we can.


What is RPL?

RPL – Recognition of Prior Learning is an assessment process to evaluate a person’s skills, knowledge and experience gained through work skills and exposure to your industry and other community experience to meet industry standards without having to study.


– To support our fellow Bhutanese friends coming to Australia in every aspect

– To disseminate right information and to be the guiding agency

Advantage of having RPL

Turn your work experience or education into a national accredited qualification

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